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A brand new museum in Turku

A brand new history museum is currently being planned in Turku. The museum will be a great place to visit for the entire family; to experience history and see its stories come to life.

The museum will be interactive and it will provide a chance to dive into the past and reach towards the future. By doing and experimenting, visitors can find many connections between history and life today.

The History Museum will be a museum of the future.


International exhibitions and loads of fun

The new museum will consist of different functional complexes, all of which will have unique profiles that support each other. These include the interactive main exhibition and a space for large international exhibitions of a scale that has never before been seen in Turku, as well as a citizens’ space.

For more information, please read the preliminary survey (in Finnish).


What kind of museum do the people of Turku want?

We asked the Turku residents what their dream museum would be like. We have captured their answers in images you can see on the following page.


The Museum of Dreams

Leaf through the Dream Museum drawings with the arrow-button.

How it proceeds?

On the lookout for facilities

In April 2017, the Turku City Council made the decision to establish the new museum as a part of the Finland100 jubilee decision. The next step is to find suitable facilities for the museum.

The City of Turku has launched the planning for the required facilities and is looking for a suitable location in the city centre and its close vicinity.

How it proceeds?

When will the museum open?

The schedule of the museum will be specified once the facilities are confirmed.

The museum will be implemented in phases: The objective is to open the first parts for visitors in the beginning of the 2020s. The entire museum will be completed by 2029 at the latest, to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Turku.

How it proceeds?

Tell us what your dream museum is like!

What kind of history museum would you like to have in Turku? Share your ideas on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #unelmienmuseo (The Museum of Dreams) and follow the project on Facebook under History Museum.

How it proceeds?


What on earth?

The museum implements the Turku strategy

In accordance with the Turku City strategy, Turku shall be developed as a significant city of travel, of conferences and events. In accordance with the strategic agreement of the Recreation Division, the museum operations will be renewed towards a more family- and culture travel-oriented direction.

The establishment of the History Museum was decided in April 2017 in the Turku City Council as a part of the Finland100 jubilee decision.

What on earth?

Survey behind the decision

As a part of the preparation for the decision, a preliminary survey which sketched the outlines of the History Museum was prepared. The results of the participatory workshops of the Finland Futures Research Centre at Turku University and a study on the economic impact of the new museum, conducted by the Levón Institute at the University of Vaasa, were utilised in the survey.

Further information (in Finnish):

What on earth?

The museum will make Turku even more attractive

The History Museum is a profitable investment which will have a positive impact on the economy and appeal of Turku. The positive impact on the regional economy will far surpass the sums of money invested in the museum.

The museum will be an alluring site for cultural travel. The versatile and experiential museum will recount the history of Turku and Finland and provide a venue for varying large-scale exhibitions. In other words, this is just the kind of museum that Turku is lacking!

What on earth?

Learning and new innovations

The museum will be an open learning environment which schools and various educational institutes can utilise very flexibly. The History Museum will be a place for lifelong learning.

The museum shall act as a versatile platform also for the businesses and local innovations in the region. It will offer a forum for collaboration with institutions of higher education and popularising new research.

For media

Interviews and further information

For information for the media on the content and progress of the History Museum project, please contact Chief Curator at Museum Services Joanna Kurth: